When You Need Septic Pumping in Hampstead NC

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For many homeowners, it is difficult to determine when your septic tank needs pumping. Many professionals say that a system should be pumped every three years. The reality is, the frequency of pumping depends on several factors and is different for every home. Some of the variables that influence septic pumping are the size of the tank, the number of people in the home, and how much solid waste enters the system.

How Big is Your Tank?

On average, residential septic tanks have a volume of between 750 and 1500 gallons. When new homes are built, tank size is determined by occupancy, and usually based on the number of bedrooms in the home. If there are more people than there are bedrooms in a home, then it may be necessary to have the septic system pumped more often. A larger tank for a smaller number of people can go much longer without pumping. Larger tanks have several advantages besides more time between pumping. They allow for better separation and can extend the life of leach lines. They also allow for future expansion of the home such as adding more bedrooms and bathrooms.

How Many People Use Your System?

Smaller families use less water and create less solid waste. It is important to consider not only the residents of the home, but also guests and special occasions. Many people have extended family in town around the holidays. Even when relatives only stay for a short time, they can add lots of extra waste to the system. Always consider this extra usage when determining how often you need septic pumping in Hampstead NC.

Another consideration is in-home businesses. If you run a business out of your home, excess waste may come from food preparation, client use of facilities and more general use. Homes that double as a business will need more frequent septic maintenance.

 How Much Solid Material Goes Into Your System?

 The amount of solid materials that go through a septic system depends on many variables throughout the home. Homes that use a garbage disposal, as opposed to dumping food scraps in the trashcan, will have a larger amount of solid waste. Homes that frequently use their garbage disposal can have up to 50% more waste than homes that do not, and may need to have their septic system pumped up to twice as often.

Laundry is another factor to consider. Laundry detergent is a solid waste material that collects in a septic tank. Families that do multiple loads of laundry throughout the week will need to have their system pumped more often than a family that does laundry once a week. Top-loading washers often use less water than front-loading washers. Overall water use should also be taken into consideration when determining how often to have your septic tank pumped.

Cleaning products and chemicals are another factor that affects solid waste build up. Using these chemicals sparingly, and only for specific cleaning jobs, should not largely impact the chemical composition of your tank. However, households that use harsh cleaning products often should consider having their tank pumped more frequently because these products can distort the bacteria that keeps a septic system functioning properly.

 When to call Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste

Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste can help you determine when you need septic pumping in Hampstead NC. We are experts in septic systems and offer scheduled as well as emergency septic pumping. Our professional staff can tell you how often your tank needs pumping based on tank size and usage. For more information about our services, call us at 910-283-9823 or visit our website at www.lewisfarmsandliquidwaste.com. If you have an emergency, and need septic pumping right away, call our emergency hotline at 910-604-0049 for immediate service.


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