Understanding Coastal Septic Tank Cleaning in Wilmington NC

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Coastal North Carolina is a beautiful region full of fun recreation and fascinating wildlife. In order to protect the region’s water supply and the natural environment, it is important to understand the effects that a septic system can have, if not properly maintained. Learn some of the concerns facing septic tank owners on the coast and what you can do to protect your community with professional septic tank cleaning in Wilmington NC.

Concerns About Septic Systems in Coastal Regions

Living in a coastal region has many advantages. Homeowners get to enjoy the natural beauty of the plants and animals that are unique to southeastern North Carolina. However, owning a septic system in a coastal climate can lead to specific issues that must be addressed to maintain a safe and well functioning septic system.

The soil in coastal regions is often very sandy, allowing liquid to flow through more quickly. This means that there is less time for water to be filtered out after leaving the septic system. To address this problem, check the soil quality in your drainfield often to ensure proper filtration. Also, planting grassy vegetation over the drainfiled will help with filtration.

The water table in coastal areas is usually shallower than in other regions. Make sure that your septic tank has the required amount of space between the bottom of the tank and the drainfield trench. This will ensure that the water has the time and space to filter before entering the water table and continuing into nearby lakes, streams and oceans.

Local bodies of water are used for both recreation and industrial purposes in a coastal setting. Keeping this water safe for humans and animal is an important concern for local residents. Ensuring that your tank is functioning at its best is one way that homeowners can contribute to the safety of the community and its water.

What You Can Do To Improve Septic Tank Function

The most important thing you can do to ensure the safety of your community and keep your tank in proper working order is to have regular inspections to ensure your septic system is functioning at its best. Inspections should be based on the size of your tank and the amount of usage, but experts suggest that the average system should be inspected every 3-5 years.

Protecting your drainfield is an important part of maintaining your septic system and keeping your property safe and clean. Do not park or build on top of your drainfield. It is also important to have some sort of vegetation above the drain field to help absorb nutrients. However, it is not recommended to plant trees or other large shrubs because the roots systems can affect the function of the drainfield. Proper drainfield upkeep will ensure that your soil quality is protected from the potential pollutants of a septic system.

Try to reduce the amount of residuals solids that you allow into your septic system. Solid materials like hair, feminine products, cat litter and cigarette butts all create solid waste build up in a septic system. Also consider the amount of chemical waste that goes into your system. Things like laundry detergent and other household cleaners also contribute to the solid waste that collects in your tank. Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals that could alter the chemical composition in your septic system.

Call a Professional to Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste are the experts in septic tank cleaning in Wilmington NC. Our professional team is available for commercial and residential service whenever you need it. To schedule an inspection or a septic system cleaning, call us today at 910-283-9823. To find out more about our business and all of the communities we service, visit us online at www.lewisfarmsandliquidwaste.com.

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