The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning

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A regular septic tank cleaning will not only help ensure that your tank is functioning property, but it will also help keep your home and yard cleaner, safer, and healthier. The potential risks and dangers of a clogged septic tank far outweigh the cost of septic tank cleaning in Wilmington, NC.  The state of your septic tank can affect your water quality, the health and safety of your community and it can have substantial financial implications.  Having your tank cleaned every three to five years is the simplest way to avoid any future problems or extra costs to you.

Water Quality in Your Community

Proper maintenance of your septic tank affects the water quality in your area because of the potential pollutants that can be released as a result of a clogged tank. Not only can a leak in your septic tank affect the water in your own back yard, but this ground water will be carried into nearby lakes and streams. In coastal regions, it is even more important to ensure that your septic tank is functioning properly. Pollution in the local water system can have severely damaging effects to the rivers, lakes and streams in the area. This pollution damages the natural life in these areas, and becomes hazardous to the health of those using the areas for recreation.

Health and Safety of Your Home

In areas where ground water is converted into drinking water, a leaking septic tank is a major concern. The contamination in this water can lead to serious illness and other health related issues. When a septic tank leaks, bacteria is deposited into the ground water. The bacteria and other viruses that come from these leaks are extremely harmful to humans. Once the bacteria reach the ground water, it has the potential to spread into other larger bodies of water in the area. The water then becomes unsafe for drinking and poses a threat to fishermen, swimmers, and anyone who comes in contact with these dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Financial Risks of a Clogged Tank

Homeowners who chose not to have their septic tanks cleaned regularly are taking a dangerous chance. If your tank bursts due to sludge build up, it can cost as much as $20,000 to repair. That’s not including the damage it would cause to your house and yard. In many cases, once a septic tank has failed, it becomes necessary to install a new drainfield. This is an expensive and time consuming process that also requires extensive landscaping. To avoid these unnecessary costs, the simple solution is to call Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste for a high quality and affordable septic tank cleaning in Wilmington, NC.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tank Clean

To avoid the risks associated with a dirty or clogged septic tank, there are a few easy precautions to take to ensure that your water stays clean and your community stays safe. Do not use chemical cleaners or bleach to clean pipes. These harsh chemicals kill the good bacteria that are necessary for the tank to function properly. Also, avoid putting things like grease, hair, tissues and any other household waste down the drain. Theses materials can clog pipes and lead to more solid build up in a septic tank.

For more information about septic tank cleaning, maintenance and our services, please contact Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste by calling our toll free number, 800-624-2979 or visit us online at If you are in need of immediate maintenance, please use our emergency hotline number, 910-604-0049.

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