Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

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When you own a home with a septic tank system, you have to be more responsible about your water usage and you really have to be aware of what you can and can’t flush down the toilet. Homeowners flushing inappropriate items and liquids down the toilet are among the most common reasons why septic pumping… Read more »

7 Interesting Myths and Facts about Grease

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Grease traps are most commonly found in commercial kitchens and not in residences. But, that doesn’t mean that homeowners aren’t equally at risk of suffering from grease clogs and other plumbing problems related to grease. At Lewis Farms, we perform professional grease trap cleaning in Wilmington NC and we find it is not uncommon for… Read more »

Understanding Coastal Septic Tank Cleaning in Wilmington NC

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Coastal North Carolina is a beautiful region full of fun recreation and fascinating wildlife. In order to protect the region’s water supply and the natural environment, it is important to understand the effects that a septic system can have, if not properly maintained. Learn some of the concerns facing septic tank owners on the coast… Read more »

When You Need Septic Pumping in Hampstead NC

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For many homeowners, it is difficult to determine when your septic tank needs pumping. Many professionals say that a system should be pumped every three years. The reality is, the frequency of pumping depends on several factors and is different for every home. Some of the variables that influence septic pumping are the size of… Read more »