Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

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When you own a home with a septic tank system, you have to be more responsible about your water usage and you really have to be aware of what you can and can’t flush down the toilet. Homeowners flushing inappropriate items and liquids down the toilet are among the most common reasons why septic pumping… Read more »

The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning

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A regular septic tank cleaning will not only help ensure that your tank is functioning property, but it will also help keep your home and yard cleaner, safer, and healthier. The potential risks and dangers of a clogged septic tank far outweigh the cost of septic tank cleaning in Wilmington, NC.  The state of your… Read more »

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

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Septic tank pumping in Wilmington NC is a fact of life for many of the city’s homeowners simply because so many of the homes in the southern part of the state have septic systems. Of course, if you’re new to the area or you recently purchased a home with a septic tank and you’re not… Read more »

Grease Trap Pumping in Wilmington NC

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Grease trap pumping in Wilmington, NC is required at regular intervals for commercial businesses in order for them to comply with North Carolina’s new FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) regulations. The regulations were put in place because in the Tar Heel State, animal fats and vegetable oils from food handling facilities are the leading cause… Read more »

Septic Tank Pumping in Wilmington NC

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Septic tank pumping in Wilmington, NC should be performed every one to five years depending on the size of your household and the size of your holding tank. Of course, a functioning septic system can be easily overlooked by homeowners simply because it becomes an issue of out of sight, out of mind. If there’s… Read more »