Septic Tank Pumping in Wilmington NC

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Septic tank pumping in Wilmington, NC should be performed every one to five years depending on the size of your household and the size of your holding tank. Of course, a functioning septic system can be easily overlooked by homeowners simply because it becomes an issue of out of sight, out of mind. If there’s no evidence of a problem, it can become very easy to forget to schedule your next tank cleaning. All too often, it’s only when problems arise that homeowners realize that they forgot to have their tank pumped.

How to Tell When Septic Tank Pumping is Past Due

As sludge builds up in your septic tank, the efficiency of the system will start to suffer and this can result in several unhealthy issues for your household. For example, you may notice that your sink and tub drains are moving slower than usual or you may start smelling a sulfurous odor emanating from the drains. Brown or black rings of residue may be left behind in the tub or the sink or dirty water may start backing up into the tubs, sinks and toilets.

In severe cases, you may notice surface water or very green grass directly above the spot where the septic tank is located in your yard. If this is the case, then the tank may have ruptured and be leaking dirty, bacteria-laden water into the environment where it can affect your pets or your children.

Are Septic Tank Additives Helpful in Maintaining a Septic System?

No, you should avoid using any septic tank additives. These products were once believed to help maintain septic systems but new research shows that the chemicals used in them are more likely to hurt the efficiency of the tanks and actually increase the chances of a clog developing in the system. In addition, these products contain so few beneficial bacteria that they are proven ineffective when compared to normal and natural conservation habits.

What Can I Do to Help My Septic System Work Better?

There are two primary things homeowners can do to help extend the life of their septic systems and to help keep the systems working efficiently – (1) do not flush “hard waste” items like cigarette butts, sanitary pads or diapers down the toilet and (2) practice water conservation in your household. Septic tanks are only capable of holding a certain amount of waste and water, so if your family wastes water there is chance that you could overflow your tank because it won’t be able to eliminate the water fast enough.

Be careful of how much you flush the toilet, how much water you use when showering, how many times you wash your clothes and how many times you use your dishwasher. Overusing these items can cause a costly problem down the road.

Schedule Your Next Septic Tank Pumping Today

Don’t wait for your septic system to start showing signs of a clog before you have it serviced. Contact Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste, Inc. today to schedule septic tank pumping in Wilmington, NC.

Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste, Inc. can be reached by calling toll-free 800-624-2979 or, if you have an emergency situation, please call our emergency hotline at 910-604-0049. We are licensed and insured and offer professional septic tank maintenance and repair services in Wilmington, NC and throughout the eastern counties of the state.



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