Commercial Grease Trap Pumping & Septic

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Whether your business is a small single location facility or has multiple locations, Hampstead Septic is equipped to deal with all of your liquid waste removal needs. We offer complete septic pumping and disposal services as well as grease trap pumping as may be required by your local health department or municipal ordinance.

What is grease trap pumping?

All non-human waste is disposed of through the grease trap. This includes food, trash, grease and all other waste that is disposed of through the sink and floor drains. The proper operation of the grease trap is essential to health, property value and the ecology. The simple fact is this, a neglected system will become blocked, it will have an obnoxious odor, it will overflow into your floor and sink drains and sewer lines, and it will contaminate and pollute. A small commitment to the care of your grease trap system through regular pumping and cleaning will protect you from the nightmare created by a failing system.

Why pump your grease trap?

  • To maintain that grease traps function properly.
  • To prevent costly back ups into floor and sink drains.
  • To prevent the clogging of city sewer lines.
  • To ensure that foul odors do not leak into your restaurant and hinder operation.
  • To comply with new State FOG regulations.

How often should you pump?

Pumping requirements depend on waste criteria. Each individual restaurant requires different pump schedules depending on tank capacity and the amount of business it has per day. We offer routine pump schedules to ensure that back-ups are avoided. Regular pumping ensures avoidance of city and state fines which are enforced by the FOG regulations. If grease trap is not serviced properly or frequently enough, costly clean outs and city sewer fines can occur, resulting in down time for businesses.


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