Advantages of Having a Septic System

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Septic systems are a simple and convenient alternative to connecting to the public sewer system. There are several advantages to installing a septic system for your home. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a septic system include potential pollution, permanence, and overall cost. In coastal regions like Hampstead NC, residents rely heavily on the local water supply for health and recreation. It is especially important to keep your system functioning at its best to receive all the benefits of a well maintained septic system.

Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste are the area’s experts in septic tank cleaning and maintenance. We understand the advantages of having a septic system for your home. Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste offers the skills and experience to keep your septic system running as efficiently as possible to keep your home and land safe and clean.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

A septic tank is designed to minimize pollution by utilizing the natural filtering process of the soil in the drainfield or leachfield. Wastewater from the home is filtered through the septic tank before being released into the drainfield. Once the water enters the soil, bacteria are naturally filtered out, making the water safe for drinking and residential use. Another environmental advantage to a septic system is the immediate replenishment of the local water table. When water is used and recycled all in the same location, the groundwater is constantly being replenished, which benefits the soil and wildlife in the area.

Septic Tanks are Long Lasting

When properly maintained with regular septic pumping in Hampstead NC, a septic tank can last for the lifetime of the home. The lifespan of a properly installed septic tank is usually between 20-40 years, but can be much longer with proper maintenance and care. The key to proper maintenance is to find a trusted professional to help service your tank regularly to avoid any clogs or unnecessary damage. Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste offers skillful septic tank cleaning for residential and commercial systems in southeastern North Carolina. Years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction make Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste a great choice for septic tank cleaning.

Lower Cost Per Household

 The cost of a septic system can be significantly lower than installing new pipes to connect to a public sewage system. If you have more than one acre of land, a septic system is a great option for you to save money. The initial price of installation of a new septic system varies based on size, type of system and location. Proper pumping and maintenance will keep your system functioning properly and eliminate costly city water bills.

Schedule Your Next Septic Tank Pumping Today

Regular cleanings and inspections will keep your septic system functioning at its best. The advantages of a well maintained system well outweigh the costs of using the public sewer system. Why not help the environment with a long lasting system that will ultimately save you money.

Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste offers scheduled and emergency septic pumping in Hampstead NC. We are licensed and insured to provide the best service in our area. Please call us today at 800-624-2979 to schedule your next cleaning. If you have a clogged tank or any other septic emergency, use our emergency hotline to get help immediately, 910-604-0049.


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